Thursday, 5 December 2013

Altered Beast (Sega Mega Drive / Genesis), Dec. 2013

Returning to the Sega Mega Drive in time for Christmas, we have decided to play Altered Beast in December. Altered Beast started off as an arcade game, but as so many other arcade classics from that time, it was soon ported to Sega's machines. While not quite as good as its arcade counterpart, the Mega Drive version is still a pretty good beat-em-up.

For more details on Altered Beast visit the WikiPedia page. Fun fact: the designer on Altered Beast, Makoto Uchida, also designed Golden Axe (in fact we spotted at least one enemy design that is used in both games).

Check out this small recording of Altered Beast played on a real Sega Mega Drive.

And if you are interested in comparing it to the arcade version, I have made this small video where both versions are played side-by-side.

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