Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Vote for game of the month, April 2012

The vote is up for the game of April 2014! The topic of this month is "runners-up" - we have been running this gaming club for some time now, and every month one game gets picked and four others are just left behind never to be played again :) That seems like a waste of good games, and Trantor therefore suggested that we held a vote between the runners-up of the last couple of months. What these games have in common is that they all ended on a 2nd place in an earlier month's vote.

The games are
1) Sonic the Hedgehog (Sega Mega Drive / Genesis). Released in 1991 this is the first installment in the Sonic series where we meet the edgy hedgehog for the very first time. This game is a favourite of many Mega Drive owners.

2) Marble Madness (NES). Created for the arcade in 1984 and released in a NES version in 1989, this game is the oldest one we are looking at this time. It remains a favourite among many of us "older" gamers.

3) Gunstar Heroes (Sega Mega Drive / Genesis). Released in 1993 this run and gun platformer looks like an excellent choice in this months vote.

4) Super Turrican (SNES). Turrican is probably best known on the C64 and Amiga platforms, but Turrican games have been released on a plethora of platforms. The SNES version called Super Turrican was released in 1993.

5) The Adventures of Batman & Robin (Sega CD). In this 1994 Sega CD release, you get to drive the Batmobile and pilot the Batplane while hunting down the well known villains. This version contains many animated scenes that were created specifically for the game.

If you want to vote on which game we should play - or even better, if you want to play along with us - go to, create an account, and cast your vote in the "RGS: Retro Gaming Club"-forum. You can also vote by leaving a comment to this post. 

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