Thursday, 22 May 2014

Retro Review of the Week: Pieces (SNES)

Developer : Prisim Kikaku Ltd (Now Known as Nippon Ichi Software)
Publisher  : Atlus / 
Hori Electric Company
Platform   : SNES
Release   : 1994(JP, NA)
Designer  : Yoshito Ohga,Junichi Ohshima, 
                 Shinichi Seya (Shinichi), 
                 Shinobu Oribe (Bekkun Orinda),
                 Swallows V, Alec, Micronyan, Suika,                       
Composer: Nobuyuki Hara (Nobuyuki) is a quirky jigsaw puzzler, that's completely forgotten about today. Which is a shame as it is a hidden puzzling gem that must be played by all. Especially by those who love their puzzle games.

The game is either one or two player, and on standard mode has the player complete a jigsaw at the same time as your opponent....

...Wait don't go... It's a really good game, honest :-)

... You see, you only have a choice of three pieces at a time, and as you place the pieces correctly, then power-up's will begin to be offered to you. These start out as basic ones, such as Spotlight, which will show where the three pieces should be placed. But if you don't use the power-up, then they will become more powerful, such as reversing your opponents controls, or auto placing the pieces for you. Complete a jigsaw and you will be shown another one to do, complete your third before the opponent and you win.
The enemy opponents are Rice Bowl Crab, Delinquent Boar, Geeky Gilbert and Revengeful Ryoko. Of all of them, only Revengeful Ryoko will cause any difficulty, especially as a ghost, she is immune to any power-ups that affect her.

The game therefore, is fun, but short lived as a single player game. With you defeating all the opponents in no time at all.

There is another mode, called All-Play, where you just complete jigsaws against the clock, or even at you own leisure, but the single player experience will become dull after a a short while (although it will be fun, while it lasts).

No the game only really comes into it's own in two player. Once you are pitted against a fellow human, and screaming abuse as your fellow player uses a cruel power-up attack, can you really get why this game is such a gem.
Two Player on the All Play is nice as well, with you both able to work on the same jigsaw together. It is a nice collaborative option, that is a particularly fun option if you have kids.

Overall this game is a blast, and as cute as anything. My only gripe is that for the most part, it is far too easy and so will be defeated without too much difficulty. Still for something a bit different to your typical game it cannot be beaten.

If ever there was a game crying out to be re-made on an i-phone or tablet, it is this game! Give the game a try today.

Verdict 4 out of 5 stars

Who is Prisim Kikaku Ltd (Now Known as Nippon Ichi Software)?

Only known as Prisim Kikaku Ltd until 1995, they are are a Japanese developer, better known today for quirky (but great) Japanese RPG's, such as Disgaea: Hour of Darkness, Phantom Brave and Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure.

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  1. Excellent review Drisk. Makes me want to check out this game together with my daugthers.