Monday, 2 June 2014

Game of the month June 2014: Super Off-Road

The winner of the vote for game of the month June 2014 is Ivan 'Ironman' Stewart's Super Off-Road for the Sega Mega Drive / Genesis - or the SNES if you are so inclined.

Released: 1992 (EU), 1993 (US)
Developer: Software Creations
Publisher: Ballistic

This game, who started out as an arcade game in 1989, was ported to a massive amount of computer systems and consoles. This time around we will be looking at the 16-bit releases on Sega and Nintendo's consoles, but if you are curious about how the game looks on other platforms, do check out this awesome video that compares 14 different versions of the game.


In the game you race these tiny trucks around a tracks that can be viewed entirely on a single screen, i.e. without the use of scrolling. That you have complete knowledge of the track doesn't make the game any less challenging though, as you will soon find out once you start jumping, sliding, and nitro boosting your way through this little gem of a racing game. It's very important to make sure you hit the right jumps, avoid the hazards, whilst staying clear of the opponents trucks - something that can be quite taxing. 

Doing a quick search on Ebay it seems that this is a fairly cheap game to pick up, and you will probably have to get your hands on a cartridge seeing as the game hasn't been released on the Virtual Console.

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