Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Game of the Month July 2014: Actraiser

This months winner for the 'Game of the Month' vote is Actraiser for the mighty Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

Released:  1990 (JP), 1991 (US) & 1992 (EU)
Developer:  Quintet
Publisher:  Enix (Square Enix)

Actraiser is an action/platform and God city building simulation game.  Although it wasn't a launch title for the SNES it was released only 1 month after the consoles launch and was seen as a very ambitious game for the time.

The game essentially alternates between side-scrolling action/platformer levels and God mode simulation building levels.

The side-scrolling components are your typical run, jump & slash mechanics, making your way through many different environments (Forests, Castles, Ice Caves & Dungeons to name a few) whilst the simulation modes contain a simple yet constructive game play style that does not overwhelm the player nor seem tedious.

At the end of each side-scrolling stage you will confront a boss before continuing on to the simulation mode, although during the sim mode you will still be giving the task of keeping demons away from your town.

It's difficult to try an explain the game in its entirety whilst keeping this write up brief, but it's definately a unique game that has a lot to offer the player.

Unless you are happy with a Japanese copy of the game, it can be a little expensive to purchase but good news is that it is available on the Wii virtual console.

As always, if you are considering playing along with us, please visit the forums at and join in on the discussion

Did you know this about Actraiser?
- It was one of the few games that was released on the Nintendo Super System
- The score was composed by Yuzo Koshiro (Streets of Rage series)
- It is the150th best game on a Nintendo system (source: Nintendo Power top 200 games list)
- Approximately 620,000 copies were sold world-wide

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