Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Vote for game of the month, July 2014

It's that time again and this months theme is 'Exclusives'. This time we are looking at games released only for one system (not counting sequels). Even though there may have been a release on a hand held after the original launch or a re-release on virtual consoles in more recent times, I am basing this off the time of the original release.

I think all of these are great games so I hope you have fun picking your favourite!

Comix Zone - Genesis / Mega Drive: A great arcade style Beat 'em Up game with a killer soundtrack released at the end of the Genesis & Mega Drive's life. And because of that, it never really got the credit it deserved.  

Actraiser - SNES: A brilliant combination of Action Platforming combined with God Sim building modes. One of the great early release titles for the SNES.

Shock Troopers - Neo Geo: Overhead 'Run & Gun' and Neo Geo doing what it does best. Great looking, great playing Arcade game!  

Duck Tales - NES: Some may say a true staple to the NES and a must for any NES library. An action platformer made by the developers of the Mega Man series.

Let the voting BEGIN!

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