Wednesday, 8 July 2015

RGS Community Pick - Knights of the Round - Super Nintendo

Developer - Capcom                  
Publisher - Capcom
Released - 1994                         
Genre - Beat 'em Up
Players - Single / 2 Player Co-op
Size - 12 Megs
Average User Rating - 4 out of 5 

It was once claimed that a mighty warrior, destined to be King of all the lands will come forth and pull the mighty sword 'Excalibur' from the stone and bring peace to the realm once again.

But alas, the wars have been ranging on for eons and not even the mighty power of the sword can reclaim order, only the one true 'Holy Grail' can restore the lands to their former glory but first must be found by those who wish to use its power for good and not for evil.

Choose from three brave fighters Arthur, Lancelot and Percival and make your way through the dark and dangerous lands on your quest for the mighty Grail and take your rightful place as a Knight of the Round.

Battle your way on foot or by horse and take on the dark knights, conjuring sorcerers and giant bosses wielding weapons bigger than you.  Trek through ravaged and pillaged villages, baron landscapes, haunting forests and dangerous castles.

Fight brave and true and along your journey you will be granted vital power ups that increase your strength, defense and speed.  Make sure you choose your character wisely as each warrior will have their own special set of skills that contain both strengths and weaknesses.

With 7 stages to battle through, you will be immersed in to this 12 Meg epic adventure embracing your favorite characters individual moves and watching them power up to become a formidable protector of the lands.

Take on the journey alone or with a friend with 2 player simultaneous action but be warned, this destiny will not come easy and many lives may be lost on your quest to bring back the glory that is Britannia!

Think you might like to play Knights of the Round?  Why not head over to the Retro Game Squad forums and play the game with a group of like minded people.

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