Wednesday, 4 November 2015

The Big 6 - CD32RP Episode 16

In this episode of the Amiga CD32 Review Project we have been playing a collection of six Dizzy games, released on the CD32 in 1995. I really wanted to have this episode ready for the biy Dizzy reveal at Cambridge Computer Museum recently, where the "new" NES game, Wonderland Dizzy, was revealed along with the launch of Chris Wilkins's Kickstarter for his book on the Oliver Twins. But I couldn't get it done in time, so here it is now instead :-) If you haven't already, please visit the Wonderland Dizzy page - you can actually play the game in a browser there. Also, if you're interested in gaming history, consider backing Chris Wilkins's book here - I know I did ;-)

We hope you enjoy watching the video - please leave a comment either here or on YouTube if you have any questions or comments.

Until next time... stay retro


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